eStore offers cross network/border mobile airtime top-up/data services and presently dispenses airtime top-up/data to over 760 networks worldwide, hence operates distances without hindrances.

eStore gives 2-3% discount on every top-up purchase, should you have any unusual volume to push, you may contact support for any possible negotiation.

How it works

We have made it so simple for you to be able to load airtime top-up and data bundle of choice, that is, whether Nigerian numbers or international with any currency. Can you imagine paying for airtime international in Naira? Yes, we have made it so and you do not need to worry about the exchange rate!

  1. Create and activate an account should you intend to be loading from your wallet.

  2. Fund the account with ATM cards or make bank deposit/transfer into any of our bank accounts using your username as the payment reference.

  3. Start loading airtime top-up/data bundle from your wallet while you pay 2-3% less than the face values.

Note: you can also buy directly on our website using cards. Buying directly from our website using ATM cards may not attract 2-3%, access to the discount requires you have an account with us.

  • Mobile network auto-identification, hence just insert and recharge.
  • You can recharge as low as N1(one naira)
  • Cross-currency conversion in a real time by the system.
  • You top-up airtime anytime 24/7
  • Schedule once and manage airtime top-up continuously on multiple SIMS with Recurrent recharge
  • No service charge.
  • 2-3% discount on every recharge.
  • No unnecessary alerts
  • Fast, simplified & flexible transactions.
  • No membership fees required.
  • Unlimited top-up per submission.
  • Worldwide recharge to over 760 networks.
  • Auto-reversal of failed top-up


Data usage is fast becoming a part of our daily necessity as almost everyone carries internet-enabled phone. You can load data bundle of your choice conveniently just the same way it works for airtime top-up. However, it would require that you select "DATA RECHARGE" option.

Aside the features highlighted above on the airtime services:

  1. You do not need to worry on data bundle activation code, insert and recharge. The system would display to you data range available upon inserting your number.
  2. You can also recharge for data internationally.
  3. Aside displaying the face values from the network operators, you still stand to get 2-3% off every data loaded. Let us get you connected globally while you enjoy the best communication preferrence!

You can integrate our AIRTIME & DATA service on your website or system